The following list is not complete nor does it mean there is a full set of records for each item listed. The list serves to give an idea of what we have.

Of interest to family history enthusiasts is our lists are mostly digitised which makes searching for names fairly effective.

Archdale School
Amherst Hospital up to 1899.
Alluvial Prospectors of Dunolly & District.

Bet Bet Roads Board councillors
Borough of Dunolly Councillors and Mayors
Bealiba entries in Dunolly miners right residence areas 1913-1914.
Bealiba in newspapers.
Bealiba St David C of E attendance Jan 1867
Businesses in Broadway 1856-57.
Bet Bet Roads Board 1861-1864 rate appeals, arrears and various notes.
Bet Bet Shire 1864-1957 rate appeals, arrears and various notes, only 1% coverage.
Bet Bet Shire petrol pump licences 1938-1959.
Bet Bet Shire councilors
Bet Bet Shire engineers
Bet Bet Shire secretaries
Betley & Eddington telephone directories 1924-1939.

Cyclopaedia of Victoria 1904, Dunolly entries.
Claims Registered Dunolly & Tarnagulla 1869-1880.
Cemetery/burial ground lists (not necessarily complete) for Dunolly, Old Dunolly, Burnt Creek, Moliagul, Timor, Carisbrook, Bealiba, Bet Bet, Amherst, Bridgewater, Coghills Creek, Eddington, Inglewood, Majorca, Maryborough, Newbridge, Natte Yallock, Rheola, Tarnagulla, Wareek-Bung Bong, Alma, Havelock, Inkerman, Kingower, Logan, McIntyres, Timor, Waanyarra. Deaths registered at Dunolly 1856-1864.
Church Of Christ Officials 1872-1972
Councillors & office bearers of Municipality of Dunolly 1858-1863.
Congregational Church ministers at Dunolly
Charles Dicker’s (Dunolly Town Clerk) cheque butts 1878-1879
C of E Baptism Registers Dunolly1860 & 1863-1883, Moliagul 1862-1979, Goldsborough 1869-1883, Wehla 1862-1883 & Burkes Flat 1884-1904.

Directories Dunolly 1868, 1884, 1895, 1899, 1972, 1973 & 1988.
Directories Tarnagulla 1884, 1895, 1899, 1968, 1972 & 1973.
Directories Moliagul 1868, 1968, 1972 & 1973.
Directories Bealiba 1868, 1884, 1895, 1899, 1972 & 1973.
Directories Bet Bet 1868 & 1972.
Directories Inkerman 1868.
Directories Eddington & Laanecoorie 1968, 1972 & 1973.
Directories Betley 1972.
Dunolly & Bet Bet Shire Express index 1862-1869.
Dunolly & Bet Bet Shire Express microfilm 1862-1920
Dunolly District Hospital female inpatients 1914-1923.
Dunolly District Hospital records up to 1900.
Dunolly District Hospital numerous other records such as staff, management, Donations.
Dunolly Electoral Roll 1859, 1869, 1870, 1879, 1880 & 1881.
Donations to Dunolly Hospital 1862, 1866, 1869, 1870, 1873, 1907 & 1950.
Dunolly Hospital Life Governors 1869, 1870, 1873 & 1905-1950.
Dunolly Church Of Christ History 1872-1972
Dunolly telephone directories 1914,1916-1918, 1923-1926, 1934, 1936, 1939 & 1943.
Dunolly District Hospital inpatients 1860-1900.
Dunolly Police Watchhouse Entries.
Dunolly Vs All England Eleven cricket match 1882.
Dunolly Sustenance receipts 1932.
Dunolly Bank Managers.
Dunolly State Bank new accounts 1912-1971 (7000 entires).
Dunolly & District Honour Rolls.
Dunolly Weighbridge receipts 1871-1881.
Dunolly Streets and origins of their names.
Diary of Philip Chauncy, surveyor at Dunolly, 1866.

Diary of Scent Farm Manager.
Dunolly & Bealiba business invoices.
Dunolly Fire Brigade.
Dunolly advertisers in various books & pamphlets 1924-1972.
Dunolly’s Solicitors.
Dunolly, Back to, 1956 visitor’s book
Dunolly District Doctors.
Dunolly vaccinations 1879-83 PROV
Dunolly Telephone Exchange unusual happenings.
Dunolly district in Victorian Government Gazette.
Dunolly & district photographers.
Dunolly & district probates from PROV.
Dunolly Township allotments. (A historic summary of each allotment within the township)
Dunolly 1876 liquor licenses.
Dunolly & district Schools.
Dunolly State School head teachers
Dunolly Borough rates, incomplete:- 1858-1890 60% & 1891-1921 1%.
Dunolly Roman Catholic Church Priests.
Dunolly Presbyterian ministers.
Dunolly Dog Register Borough 1867-1874.

Eddington Supper Cloth.

Hotels Dunolly, Tarnagulla, Moliagul, Bealiba and Bet Bet.

Index to historic records held in filing cabinets at Dunolly Museum.
Indexes to a number of local history books.
Inquests Dunolly and surrounding towns.

Loyal Prince Alfred Lodge Dunolly, members 1866-1869
Llanelly State School pupils roll 1887-1912.
Llanelly School teachers.
List of maps at Dunolly Museum.
Loyal Prince Alfred Lodge Dunolly, new members 1863-1874.

Moliagul C of E Ladies Guild members 1911-1912.
Majorca School
Maori people on the goldfields.
Memoirs & Historical Essays.
Maryborough Savings Bank new accounts 1859-1884.
Moliagul Electoral Roll 1856-57.

Numerous Honor Roll lists.
Nugget finders in the Shire of Bet Bet.
Newspapers, local and overseas references to Dunolly and District.

Owners and occupiers of Broadway, Dunolly 1856 to present.

Photographs (indexed, a huge collection).
Place names around Dunolly.
People mentioned in inquests Dunolly district.
Photographs in Dunolly Town Hall.
Petition to proclaim the Municipality of Dunolly 1858.
Petition from Goldsborough farmers 1858.
Post Office Directories Victoria, Dunolly entries

Sustenance receipts Dunolly 1932
St Augustines Maryborough, baptisms from Dunolly & Moliagul 1853-1870.
St John C of E burials 1863, 1869-1886.
Sandy Creek (Tarnagulla) & Bealiba Electoral Roll 1859.
St Davids C of E Bealiba attendances 1867.
St John’s Dunolly Clergy Roll.
St Saviour, Tarnagulla baptisms incomplete.

Tarnagulla Mechanics Institute (members) 1867-1875 & 1883-1889.
‘Tailings’ newsletter of Goldfields Historical & Arts Soc Inc 1963 to present.
Tarnagulla State School 1869 students.
Tarnagulla Borough Dog Register 1874-1882.
Tarnagulla Borough Rates 1864-1881 (incomplete).
Tarnagulla donations to Boer War 1900
Tarnagulla Unemployment Sustenance Relief 1939-1940
Tarnagulla Common School Student Applications 25-10-1869
Tarnagulla Rates 1864-75

Victoria & Its Metropolis 1888, local entries only.
Various petitions 1863-1891.

Wesleyan Sunday School boys, Dunolly 1896-1909.
Wesleyan – Methodist – Uniting Ministers Dunolly.
Wesleyan Sunday School Dunolly 2nd class boys 1896-1909.
Woman’s Suffrage Petition 1891
Women of Dunolly.