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This is the introduction page for three double murders, one in Dunolly and two nearby. Each has its own page. Each runs through a selection of newspaper reports followed by a  summary version. Pictures, maps and internal links relating to each story have no set order or location.

Murder of Margaret and Jessie Shanks, 1856. This is a simple story of a mother and daughter gunned down by the husband and father with mental health issues. The story is tragic but brief, possibly due to being submerged in the peak of the Dunolly gold rush that formed the present town.

Murder of Robert Dunlop and Hugh MacLean, 1857. This a lengthy tale with a multitude of unresolved questions that soon places two murdered men into the background. Treachery, revenge, perjury, jealousy, an incompetent or dodgy Police Superintendent, a dubious Dunolly Police Court that almost hung an innocent man – you can’t make up this stuff! This story requires more research, especially a copy of the map presented in court. The summary version of this story is and will always be inadequate compared to the complex and bizarre events revealed in the news reports. The flow of the reports and the truncated nature of the questions and answers in court proceedings means the summary might not yet be accurate. If ever there was a concept script made for a crime drama then this is it.

Murder of Charles Bunney and Robert Gray, 1938. This story is well documented in newspaper reports and adequately portrays events. What makes it ironic and poignant is the remarkable back story of Charles Bunney.