This page has links to items concerning Dunolly history including its gold related history. Included are items that extend beyond our immediate geography because of the influence they had.


The railway station at Bealiba is the last of its kind on the Midura line. The first video dated July 22nd 2018 presents the story of the station when the Bendigo Historic Motor Cycle Club paid a visit. The second video of the following September 9th shows celebrations held for the 140th anniversary.


The following was recorded using a camera not designed specifically for video. Although the quality of the presentation is not good the content and significance is very high. It took John Tully 20 years of patience and research to find King Tommy’s real name, only then was a memorial marker was placed on the unmarked paupers grave in the Dunolly cemetery, 120 years after he died.



The following is about Chewton and the first Monster Meeting of diggers in December 1851. There is a lot of modern angst about the historical accuracy failings concerning the meetings and the site. Below are two related videos of an inquiry held at Dunolly about the meeting site. The video quality is insufficient but the audio track helps as does the Meeting Summary that shows maps and overlays. It is of interest to “Dunolly Museum” members as a matter of getting it right, but also the simple fact that Dunolly is a Post Eureka Stockade town, meaning it had none of the troubles caused by the Gold License and all of the advantages presented by the then new Miners’ Right system, which served well from 1855 to 1975 when it was effectively gutted.

December 1851 Chewton Monster Meeting of Diggers Investigation 1st Session, David Petrusma
December 1851 Chewton Monster Meeting of Diggers Investigation 2nd Session, Glenn Braybrook