The museum is an important asset to the community and district. There are many relics representing many cultures and we have interstate and overseas visitors come to us for research. The purpose of this page is some general information to the public about what we are doing or working on, not a detailed account as we are always busy on extending our database, solving mysteries and doing needed jobs or improvements. To varying degrees many members are working on projects and invariably this is at the member’s own expense. The admission and research fees go towards general running costs and our biannual history tours researched and lead by John Tully have grown to the extent that the money that comes in, every cent of it, allows us to make material improvements to the building.

Lining the Roof:

The Goldfields Historical & Arts Society is very pleased with the new ceiling and surveillance cameras installed at the Dunolly Museum. This work was carried out by Dunolly builder, Graeme Day with help from volunteers in the historical society. The completed work has brightened up the interior, reduced dust and regulated the temperature to the benefit of both items and the public. The surveillance cameras are 24 hour and linked to an offsite storage.

This project was made possible by a major grant from FRRR and two smaller grants from the Maryborough Country Music Club and the Dunolly Welcome Record.



150th Welcome Stranger Nugget Celebrations:

In early February the museum and members are hosting the 150th anniversary celebrations of the finding the Welcome Stranger nugget.

150th brochure 2


Bikies and History:

The museum tours are very successful but there is no such thing as “one size fits all”. One of our members noticed that motorcycle clubs visiting a local club are always looking for something to do. Many come from Melbourne and interstate and are not familiar with our goldfields history but are very interested. To this end we will be organising tours for motorcycle enthusiasts to visit historic goldfields sites and thus bring district goldfields history and motorcycle events together. The museum will have yet another dedicated group of supporters.


This was once a very significant mining town and social hub but as a recorded history it is a bit of a vacuum . For some years now a member has been working at pulling together the history of the town and the names of many people who lived and worked there. There is a long way to go but eventually the point will be reached where the museum will be calling for public input about families, pictures and stories regarding Goldsborough. It will become part of our database of information and will fill a lot of gaps for those interested in family history. Of course, if you have information you would like to contribute we will certainly like to hear from you. Time waits for none of us!